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ISO 22000:2005

Labelling and marketability checks

As with food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products also require a list of ingredients to be specified in writing on the packaging. This allows consumers to check whether a product contains critical materials.  The labelling is made on the basis of an international standard, mandatory in the European Union (EU) since 1997 (INCI).

The new EU cosmetic regulation was signed at the end of 2009. The EU Parliament has also enforced compulsory labelling of nano materials in cosmetic products. The new cosmetics regulation applies. For businesses, this means assignment of staff and costs in taking the case law of individual countries into account. 

A current list of all countries can be found here.

Training courses & seminars

You can find a comprehensive range of training courses and seminars on our training course website. The content of all our training courses are adapted to meet your needs, so that you will achieve a perfect result and have twice as much fun at the events. Numerous exercises not only give you a more in-depth study of the various concepts, they also put the acquired knowledge into practice.  

All our seminars can also be offered as a customised in-house solution, be it in your company, with us or at a location of your choice. We are happy to offer you advice on lectures, discussions or any other specific questions.


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