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We are also testing textiles all over Europe!

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Overview of our proven services:

Food Saftey

We offer tested solutions and reliable services, which make the production and distribution of products transparent and safe.

Label and Marketability Testing

We examine the admissibility of the labeling of your foods according to international food law and create the reports respectively on the basis of the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17020.

We offer various methods in the field of analytics that meet the legal requirements and standards. Customer-specific adaptations are possible.

Product conformity
Product conformity The purpose of product conformity is to ensure that products meet the legal and technical requirements of the country of import.



In the field of auditing, we offer you based on many years of experience our Know-how and help you to build and develop your quality management system at your disposal.



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All of our trainers are experienced auditors. They train you and your staff professional and practical!