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Reducing your energy costs – sustainable business through successful contract management


The Swiss Food Quality Business AG operates sustainably by using the available resources. Vast improvements can be seen by slightly modifying work steps. Sustainability has become a guiding principle of the economy as well as politics and is firmly anchored in many companies. To protect your own interests and that of our environment, we offer you the option to operate in the marketplace sustainably through the careful use of resources yourself.

Our services for you:

Optimisation of your energy management system according to ISO 51001
Optimisation of your energy contracts
Determination of actual energy needs
Assertion of claims for reimbursement in respect of the statutory duties
Settlement control and monitoring of the purchase quantity
Planning of technical modifications to increase energy efficiency
Future planning of the use of rational energy technologies
Compilation of energy management reports for the courts

Your first steps towards sustainability: Reduce your energy costs through successful contract optimisation of existing energy contracts.

Benefit from the experience of our team (including an IHK Energy Expert) in the field of energy management and optimise your energy costs.

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