International Food Standard (IFS)

Our IFS team give you professional and targeted support in setting up and/or adapting your IFS system:
Optimal and successful preparation for certification
Selection of certification partner on request
Ongoing support of your IFS system
Delivery of internal audits
Seminars and training courses

The IFS is a food safety and quality standard in one. It was designed to examine the competence of food producers for the safety and quality of food by means of a tool. This saves time and money.

The IFS is risk based. This allows you to develop your own solution to best match your objectives. During the audit, the IFS auditor examines whether your solution works and ensures the manufacture of safe products. The IFS does not require any special procedures or machines if these are not necessary to devise a safe process for your production.

What is important?

Verification of the key quality requirements (the four knockout criteria):
Existence of a functioning QM/HACCP system
Responsibility of top management
General traceability
Implementation of corrective actions

The aims of a functioning IFS system:
Reduction of costs
Greater transparency across the entire supply chain

Your benefits:
Effective cost management
Strategic personnel training
Efficient use of resources

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