In this age of globalisation, brokers and importers play an increasingly important role in bringing together manufacturers and retailers. The standard IFS Broker was developed to cover this type of procurement. 

 The main objectives of the IFS Broker are:

To check how brokers select their suppliers, which quality requirements they have implemented and whether they are in a position to meet the current legal requirements, such as traceability for example
A uniform evaluation system
The creation of compatibility and transparency within the entire value-added chain
Cost reduction

Delimitation of IFS Food

The IFS Food is a standard for auditing food processing companies that pack loose food products. Therefore, the IFS Food shall only apply if the product is processed or handled or if there is a possibility of product contamination.

The IFS Broker is used by companies who mainly deal in commerce. Brokers charge their customers for goods directly and do not necessarily come into contact with the product. For example, commercial agencies, brokers or other companies that do not come into contact with the products themselves are certified according to the IFS Broker.

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