Intellectual property rights are a hot topic in the industry not least due to the recent political examples. The term “ intellectual property” combines the concepts of patented law, trademark law and copyright law and refers to logos, images, names and designs in marketing/trade or literary works and inventions, for example. Our team specialises in the trademarks segment and works with a prestigious law firm that operates across Europe.

It deals with the following, in particular:

Availability searches nationally and internationally
Development of application/registration strategies, nationally and internationally, based on the research results
Conducts registration, nationally and internationally
If necessary, handling of international registration activities


... for research

We usually charge a fixed hourly rate plus statutory VAT. Costs of the database vary depending on the contracted scope (territory, volume of goods and services classes, brand type, etc). After an initial briefing and description of the job, we draw up a customised offer with a fixed price – i.e. there are no hidden costs. 

... for registrations

Again, we invoice according to time and draw up a customised offer with a fixed price. Costs for national activities abroad may be charged separately but only after these have been previously calculated. If necessary, subsequent appeal procedures or other legal proceedings will be commissioned separately.

Please contact us if you have any questions.