Set up, design and implementation of integrated management systems (IMS)

Our team provides comprehensive, company specific consulting and training services for the following areas:
Occupational Health and Safety Administration
Product responsibility
Sustainable management
Hygiene management
International Food Standard (IFS)

Quality assurance, environmental protection, occupational safety, safety, product responsibility – it is not economic success alone, but also more complex, external demands determine the future viability of companies. Competitive advantages arise when employers leverage the synergies of a holistic system rather than focusing on isolated solutions. Because it is always a question of planning, controlling and improving processes in the company in order to achieve an efficient and high quality performance in a safe and responsible manner.  You can achieve this goal by means of an integrated management system (IMS), i.e. with planned, transparent processes and structures for skilled employees.

The benefits of an integrated management system at a glance:
Transparent structures and processes open up potential for improvement and increase employee motivation.
Proven structures and processes help to prevent unjustified liability claims.
Integration helps avoid duplication and to leverage synergies.
Open management systems are expandable and flexible.
Business processes are aligned by factors such as value creation, speed and process stability.

In practice, small and medium-sized businesses demonstrate that economy, quality assurance, corporate environmental detection, occupational health and safety are inseparable from one another and share a number of common approaches and interfaces for the integration of an integrated management system (IMS).

This includes common business goals:
Anchoring a continual improvement process (CIP)
Long term safety of competitiveness and existence
Safeguarding and increasing profitability
Increasing operational safety and preventing accidents
Enhanced image and improved customer satisfaction and motivation of staff
Establishing a transparent and efficient business organisation

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