Expert and advisory services

Expertise in food technology and food safety

Our offer

Private expert opinion on customer complaints in both directions
Evaluation and assessment of management systems for food safety
Expert opinion on the evaluation and assessment of process capability of food processing equipment
Value appraisals prior to the purchase of used machines and/equipment in the field of food technology
Private expert opinion in cases involving damage

The expert consultant

Der Sachverständige wird als Spezialist für ein bestimmtes Aufgabengebiet verstanden, in dem er besonders fachkundig ist und in dem er seinen Kenntnissen und Fähigkeiten dem Stand der Technik nach ausgebildet und qualifiziert ist. Er ist dabei unparteiisch und unabhängig zur Erstellung (Erstattung) eines Gutachtens zu einem speziellen Sachverhalt aufgefordert.

The expert consultant

The expert consultant is regarded as a specialist in a specific area in which he is particularly proficient and in which his skills and abilities conform to the latest accepted state of training and qualifications. At the same time, he is impartial and independent when preparing (reimbursement) an advisory opinion on a specific issue.

An expert assessment is not only for courts

An expert assessment goes beyond being a useful and necessary document for judicial disputes. 
In the field of food technology and food safety – the area of expertise in which we freelance expert consultants are active – a customer complaint, for example, can be reviewed, assessed and evaluated by means of a private expert assessment of the manufacturing process. The customer is presented with an expert assessment that proves the manufacturing process was conducted properly.
Expert assessments are often commissioned for the reverse case, too. The customer making the complaint wishes to have an expert assessment to prove whether the reason for the claim is the responsibility of the manufacturer.
 In the field of food technology, process engineering systems can be a way to avoid an expert assessment by the expert consultant taking place. Following the installation of new machines and/or equipment, an expert assessment evaluates and assesses the process capability of the installed system. A value appraisal can help to find the right price of a second-hand system prior to purchasing.

Your direct benefits

independent and impartial evaluation and assessment of complaints
independent proof of the process capability of your machines and/or systems against third parties
cost savings in purchasing new systems by means of an independent value appraisal
Expert approval of newly installed equipment gives you security

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