Supplier Audits

Supplier Audits

Supplier Audits

Auditing your suppliers – leverage the full potential!

Our auditors conduct supplier audits according to customer specifications, which are customised checklists, also based on the following norms and standards: 

Codex Alimentarius
IFS (International Food Standard)
Guidance Document of CIES/GFSI
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

We discuss the particular needs of the customer beforehand in order to determine what other aspects and key areas should be taken into consideration. From a business and company-related point of view, specific solutions are given priority so that special requirements can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The audit focuses on the following aspects and these are verified by means of random samples. The checklists created for the customer apply:

Is there a self-monitoring plan to verify and ensure product safety and quality?
Compilation and evaluation of the CCPs
Staffing, operational and room hygiene plan
Staff training
Implementation of employee training on-site at all process levels
Cleaning plans/control lists
Emergency plan/action plan

This is performed using a customised checklist. Our auditors evaluate existing systems in terms of adequacy, practical implementation and compliance of statutory provisions and identify the potential for improvements.

Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA)

The vast number of quality assurance concepts, standards and in-house requirements place high demands on their suppliers and also require a regular review of the implementation. The preventive assurance of supplier quality and the requirements for the SQA auditors therefore gives you a crucial competitive edge.

Preventive measures and continuous monitoring of these measures are key to successfully implementing the requisite measures and to demonstrating that the principles of the continual improvement process (CIP) are being promoted as given in the DIN EN ISO standards.

Your benefits: efficient use of resources & effective cost management. We can assist you and/or your audit team in reaching this objective!

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