Auditing in the food safety and quality sectors

In the past, legislators, retailers as well as the food industry have developed a variety of new standards to ensure the safety of the end-user is not compromised by the consumption of food. The aim of these standards was to increase consumer confidence in the products of the food industry.

However, implementing and upholding this flood of individual standards requires considerable effort on the part of the food producers and all the suppliers associated with the process chain. This is because hardly any standard accepts deviations, alternatives or the usual approaches of an integrated management system common to other industries. Added to this are supplier audits, conducted at regular intervals and often independent of existing standards. This incurs costs for preparing, auditing and post-processing of the audit results.

Since we have many years of experience, we are experts in the field of auditing and in a position to offer you a comprehensive service in setting up and improving your quality management system.

Profit from our experience in the following food safety standards: ISO 22000:2005 FSSC 22000 IFS IFS-Logistics BRC GFSI Global GAP HACCP GMP+ GOST

You can also entrust us with: Supplier Audits (SQA – Supplier Quality Assurance) Internal Audits Allergen Audits Process Audits Compliance Audits Legal Government Audits Marketing Audits Innovation Audits

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