Declaration- and Marketability Testing

28 countries – and a Europe-wide, uniform case law in matters of food? A nice idea that quickly fails in reality. Furthermore, specific provisions on food labelling also apply in the countries in addition to the laws of the EU. In order to satisfy the export requirements, the declaration in the countries still needs to be individually checked to see if they comply with these provisions. Finding your way through the bureaucratic red tape to meet these requirements takes a lot of time and patience. For businesses, this means assignment of staff and costs.

Our service for identification and labelling checks includes:

Dietary supplements (DSs)

We check the admissibility of the labelling of your foodstuff in accordance with international food laws and issue a marketability certificate after successful completion of the check. You decide whether to test according to the previously applicable law (2000/13/EC) or according to the LMIV.

In the field of cosmetics, the German Cosmetics Regulation was valid until it was replaced in July 2013 by the new EU Cosmetics regulation 1223/2009. This not only led to standardised EU guidelines but also created new legal requirements demanding the adaptation of products brought onto the market after 11 July 2013. We can assist you in bringing your products up to date with the latest labelling status.

Our services:

Assume full checks on labelling within the European union and third countries
Checks on labelling of individual text passages and marketability checks
Specific issues of food law (regulatory affairs)
Hotline support
Fast turnaround times (TAT)
Express services are possible

The current list of all countries can be found here.

Expert statements

We can help with statements on statutory foodstuff provisions, e.g. in the case of complaints from authorities.

Your benefits:

Reliable statements on country specific labelling issues
A direct contact partner

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