Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

We implement your Total Productive Maintenance

Because, TPM (= production-oriented maintenance) requires careful planning, the interaction with other methods in the value creation system as well as a focus on the specific characteristics of machines and employees.TPM provides a concept for optimum utilisation of the production facilities, with the overall goal of maximising system efficiency.

The key measure of TPM is overall equipment effectiveness, which affects the following sources of loss:
Start-up losses
System failures caused by faults
Set up and adjustment
Idle times and short interruptions
Reduced process speeds
Process errors cause rejects

Are you familiar with these problems? Would you like to eliminate such losses? Once and for all?! Thereby eliminating all obstacles to system availability while increasing profitability at the same time?

What results are actually achievable with TPM?

It is possible to achieve a 99% reduction in unplanned downtime just one year after TPM implementation has finished.
Productivity simultaneously increases by 50%.
Maintenance costs are reduced by 30%.
TPM results in spectacular improvements in production facilities

Companies that do not carry out maintenance at the same level of quality as with TPM, lose their competitiveness at a breathtaking pace! Only click here if you want a 100% availability of your machines!!