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ISO 31000
ISO 27001:2005
HACCP Hazard Analysis

ISO 31000 – identify risks and manage them successfully!

In October 2009, the globally applicable standard on the subject of risk management was published together with the revised ISO IEC Guide 73 “Vocabulary”.

The three principles enshrined in the ISO 31000:
Risk management viewed as a management task
It attempts to implement a top-down approach
The ISO 31000 is a very general standard attempting to factor in all the different risks within an organisation.

To ensure wide application, the ISO 31000 has been designed to be rather general. For the ISO 31000 to be applied successfully, three guides were also published:

Embedding risk management into the management system
Methods of risk assessment
Emergency, crisis and continuity management

The entire system is also based on the principle of the PDCA cycle (Plan – Do – Check – Act). The ISO 31000 attempts to chart ALL risks and their resolution in an organisation --> Top-down method.

ISO 27001:2005 – lower-level of risk in information security!

The international standard ISO 27001 specifies requirements for the production, implementation, handling, controlling, maintenance and improvement of a documented management system for information security taking into account the risks within the entire organisation. All manner of organisations (e.g. trading companies, government organisations, non-profit organisations) are taken into consideration for this. The ISO / IEC 27001: 2005 is to be applicable in different areas, in particular:

In formulating the requirements and objectives for information security
For cost-effective management of security risks
To ensure compliance with laws and regulations
As a process framework for the implementation and management of measures aimed at ensuring the specific objectives for information security
In defining new information security management processes
In defining information security management activities
For use by internal and external auditors to determine the degree of implementation of guidelines and standards

HACCP hazard analysis

Anyone who manufactures, processes, stores, transports or supplies food and luxury products, is obliged to have a concept, which includes risk, hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) in accordance with VO EU 852/2004. This concept may include for example:
The creation of a HACCP team
Organisation of training courses
The guarantee of good manufacturing practice in the fields of product and production hygiene
Staff hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, pest control
The VO EU 852/2004 also requires you to create flow charts to be regularly reviewed and adapted to the respective requirements.

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Improvident reality...

every 15 minutes a company goes bankrupt in Germany...

and every 2 hours criminal proceedings are opened in this context ...

most companies only notice the insolvency when accounts are frozen ...

Are you protected in line with this?

It’s hard to imagine a car driver on the road without part or fully comprehensive insurance nowadays. Appropriate safety systems are used to give protection even in sports that are not without risks, such as hang gliding. As an employer, you also take certain risks.

Anyone who declines a systematic risk management is negligent in more ways than one. Not only is there no backup in place in an emergency, there is also the risk of steering the company into very stormy waters.

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