Process visualization

Your solution for a process-oriented information management with our document management software

The SF document management software offers the possibility to manage and release files and tasks of your choice according to your criteria specifications. Integrated interfaces to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Project allow you to create and maintain documents in a familiar environment. These documents can be integrated in the supplied process landscape.

The integrated task and schedule management also allows you to monitor the timely processing of your documents. A workflow ensures the individual work steps. Additional models allow a keyword search, for example, as well as publication as a PDF, RTF or HTML for individual intranet solutions.

Your benefits:
Complete “Document Management” solution: Software including process landscape, that can be individually adapted to company size and processesPaper-free provision of all documents, updated and conveniently sent to the desktop
Savings in time and cost by avoiding duplication and traceable workflow (incl. project management)
Clear, practical, user-friendly and already proven
Simultaneous use of several languages
Simultaneous integration of locations and sites via an intranet solution

Differences to competitors:

Unlimited and creation of classification criteria and hierarchy levels specifically according to your corporate structure
Management of any file formats ( also jpg, cad, pdf, e-mails etc. by means of file upload)
Individual process landscape and set-up of a process structure including a sample database (i.e. not only software, but immediate work possible).

It takes very little effort to quickly perfect document control.

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